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#About Us

The Hellenic culture, with its thousands of years of history has one of the most vast and complex cuisines at its core.

Traditional Greek Cuisine is labor intensive, time consuming and requires great attention to detail.  With the freshest ingredients and seasonal items we take the tradition, care and time required to create the finest Greek dishes.

Most of our menu items take many hours to prepare, from slow roasting, to hand rolling dough, to carefully layering ingredients together, our cuisine brings back the tradition and complexity to the table.

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Our Customers Words

A refreshing take on Greek cuisine by a talented chef. Greek food isn’t about flaming saganaki and cheeseball waiters yelling “Opa!” It’s about the fresh, healthy, subtle Greek flavors such as lemon, olive oil, oregano, slow roasted stews, baked trays of moussaka, and char-grilled fish and meats.

Ouzo and Feta delivers on authentic Greek flavor, with a modern twist. The prices are right on point for a full-service restaurant of this caliber of food.

You can tell that the chef puts his soul into this food.

– Octopus: the octopus was SUPER tender, charred perfectly, and served with lemon. It doesn’t get more tender than this. The flavor took me back to Greece.
– Bifteki: this melty cheese-centered ground sirloin patty oozes with cheese when you cut into it, simply amazing!
– Eggplant & Zucchini: lightly fried and served with charred lemon and tsatziki, a perfect side dish.
– Pork Gyro: thick juicy cuts of pork gyro meat, served as a traditional pita with homemade fries. Totally satisfying and well worth the $12!
– Baklava: crispy, sweet, nutty, perfect baklava!!!

They also have a FULL BAR. The bar-tender makes his own syrups and bitters too, total pro!

I’d totally come back here again to try one of each.


George C. ~ Yelp Reviewer
5 Stars ~ 01/27/2019

Lovely experience and exceptional food. We tried what I would say a good portion of the menu when we visited, and everything that came out promptly, warm, flavorful and dished well.

And what I really appreciated was the simplicity of the décor which reminds you of a tavern in Greece. I would highly recommend this spot.


Maria K. ~ Yelp Reviewer
5 Stars ~ 01/07/2019

I ate here at Ouzo and Feta last week with my boyfriend and we sat at the bar. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful and we really loved it!

There was even a guitar player playing music while we ate.

For appetizers, we ordered the grilled octopus and the biftekida. The grilled octopus was really flavorful and my boyfriend liked the biftekida as well.  For our meals, I ordered grilled salmon and he got the leg of lamb. So moist, so flavorful, it was like nothing I have ever had before! We’re both foodies, and we were overall really impressed with our entire meal. Aside from the food, the bartender Nickolas gave us the VIP experience.

He made both of us specialty cocktails that weren’t on the menu and they were really amazing. Again, like nothing I’ve ever had before! Overall, we both had a really great time at Ouzo and Feta and will be returning again soon!

Candy N. ~ Yelp Reviewer
5 Stars ~ 02/01/2019

#Special Events

Ouzo & Feta Social Events

Social Hour

Our signature cocktails tell a story, our story! This is how we believe a cocktail should be. Classic and traditional meets modern Greek.

Tuesday-Wednesday 5pm to 6pm

Thursday-Friday 3:30pm to 5:30pm 

Wine Makers Dinner

We will be hosting wine maker events introducing you to the finest wine makers and wines Greece has to offer. Meet the wine maker personally, drink their wine with them as they explain its history with the how and why they made it this way. Our chef creates the perfect cuisine to complement each wine pairing.

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